What's covered in the MOT

What’s covered in the MOT

Please download my one-pager that explains what is covered in the MOT: Policy and compliance audit!

This MOT will never not be relevant and this is why: Policies, people data and contracts are what I like to call ‘transactional’ HR. In other words, it is the side of HR that is usually reactive, time consuming and administratively heavy. It’s the unloved pillar of HR.

However it can be exciting because this pillar creates a solid foundation of expectations and guidance within any organisation, so when it is done right, it is possibly one of my favourite areas of People to build and create. 

Policies, data, contracts and compliance are areas of the People function that can have a touch point for each process in your organisation. This MOT assures peace of mind whether you want it to be an audit purely on People data or a full 360° holistic review of your policies, your contracts and your People data.

Be ready for the statutory changes in April by giving some love to your policies now! Bring confidence to your people with clear and accessible policies! Give opportunities to improve your processes and gain time where you aren’t wading through HR admin!

This infographic is saved as the easiest format as a PDF. It can be easily viewed and printed!


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