How we charge

These are proven, tried and tested support for your business with either a fractional HR approach or additional support to bolt-on to your existing HR team.

Whether you need short-term support or ongoing People magic, these services will be agreed to align with your priorities and business goals to produce key outcome delivered objectives.

Hourly Rate:

For questions that need to be quickly validated and/ or talked through, an hourly rate is charged. This varies based on the complexity of the project, but we try to keep it flat for our loyal clients. We always bill for the actual number of hours worked on specific tasks, itemised so you can see what you are paying for. This type of fee structure works well if you are using us for.

Project Based:

With this model we agree a fixed fee for a specific project or set of tasks.The scope and deliverables of the project are defined in advance, and therefore the charge will be a flat rate for completing the project. This type of fee structure works well if you are using us for projects like recruitment and talent overhauls or strategy creation and implementation.

Retainer Fee:

Most clients prefer to retain our services on an ongoing monthly basis with a set amount of hours and a monthly fee which reflects this. This arrangement allows for continuous support and availability when needed. This type of fee structure works well if you are using us for ongoing employee support, consistent guidance around processes or monthly and annual training sessions.

Flexible by nature

Specialised Expertise:
Clients receive expert knowledge for particular projects without having to hire a senior HR leader full-time. You can have your cake and eat it! This access to specialised expertise comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring a permanent HR professional, without the onboarding time and, with all the benefits of getting it right first time, on time every time!
For small and medium-sized businesses, hiring a full HR team is often not economically possible nor is it necessary. We are perfectly placed and can step in as needed, providing scalable support that matches any requirement.
Whilst on the face of it some projects appear similar they are always different because no two clients are ever the same. So, our fee scale and structure will be discussed in detail with every client and agreed in writing, so they know from the outset what they are paying for and why.
Measurable Outcomes:
Measurable Outcomes: When working together, we will always agree what success looks like and how we will measure objectives and deliverables. Defining our results prior to starting the work means we are clear about what we are setting out to achieve for every client and what they can expect.

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