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Driving excellence from the core to the culture

exhilHRate is a transformational HR consultancy. We empower businesses of all sizes and, from many professional service sectors with innovative solutions for talent management, employee development, and organisational success.

Recruitment and Talent

We can look after your projects for attracting and hiring qualified individuals to fill positions within your business. This can include job posting, candidate screening, interviewing, and onboarding. We can manage the entire process or focus on one aspect, for example fine tuning your existing process to make it powerful, effective and market leading.

Employee Relations

We can look after specific challenges for example addressing workplace conflicts, managing grievances, and creating a positive and productive work environment. We are expert at empowering management to lead their teams effectively and a welcome pair of experienced hands for when things do not go to plan.

Compensation, Benefits and Perks

From salary structures, bonuses, incentives, and employee benefits packages, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the right formula for your organisation. We ensure your pay and reward is competitive and aligned with the business’ goals and industry standards. And that it links back to your performance management.

Transformation and Strategic People Management

We provide crucial guidance for maximising employee potential, fostering growth, and aligning talent with business’ goals. The end goal is helping you attain robust and sustainable success.

Training and Development

We focus on enhancing employees' skills and knowledge through training programmes, workshops, coaching and other learning opportunities including online. The driver has to be improving employee performance with career growth at all levels of your business.

Performance Management

We can manage and oversee the performance evaluation process, providing feedback to employees, setting goals, and ensuring that performance aligns with organisational objectives; as well as building management buy-in, building progression opportunities and solidifying succession planning.

HR Compliance and Legal Support

Getting it right is challenging to say the least. We are in your corner! Any questions on employment laws and regulations to ensure compliance with employment legislation, workplace safety, and other legal requirements - are only a phone call away.

HR Information Systems

We can advise on best practice and best fit technology and data, including employee records, payroll systems, and other HR-related software. From implementation and deployment through to extracting data and report writing, we can provide support.

Employee Engagement and Wellness

We can help your business create and implement market leading, forward-thinking employee engagement tactics and well-being initiatives through simple changes such as employee surveys, wellness programmes, and work-life balance initiatives.

Organisational Design and Restructure

At times you need objective strategic planning to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your business. We can play a key role in aligning HR practices with the organisation's long-term goals- to weather any storm.

Meet Amy Blick a dynamic, spirited and hugely experienced HR maven; the founder and driving force behind the thriving HR consultancy, exhilHRate. Amy has built a reputation as the go-to-person for organisations seeking a fresh approach to human resources. She has gained significant experience and expertise in people transformation and organisational growth where the focus is on creating a positive and productive workforce.
From an early age, Amy’s passion for understanding human behaviour and fostering positive relationships planted her firmly on the HR pathway. Armed with diplomas, a degree, and a bunch of HR accreditations, she has embarked on a journey to redefine the HR landscape.
Amy’s infectious enthusiasm and unbridled love for her work are evident in every aspect of her consultancy. With an emphasis on creating vibrant and inclusive workplace cultures, she has carved a niche as the transformational catalyst that breathes life into corporate environments that have become stuck, stagnant, or simply in need of a fresh focus.
What sets Amy apart from her peers is her commitment to making HR an exciting and enjoyable experience for both employees and employers. She understands that employee happiness and business success are inseparable and should be optimised simultaneously. Through her innovative workshops, team-building activities, and personalised coaching sessions, Amy breathes life and motivation in even the most disengaged teams.
Her personality and energy make her a hit at corporate events and conferences as a keynote speaker or trainer. Attendees leave her seminars feeling rejuvenated, inspired; armed with practical solutions to tackle their HR challenges head-on. Amy’s trademark positivity and humour have a way of turning potentially dreary HR topics into engaging and interactive learning experiences.
exhilHRate reflects Amy’s core values namely: authenticity, collaboration, and empowerment. She is dedicated to fostering a culture of open communication and trust, empowering employees to voice their concerns and ideas fearlessly. Through her guidance, companies discover the true potential of their people. This results in enhanced productivity, reduced turnover, and a sizeable shift in happiness within the organization.
Whether she’s igniting a spark of transformation within a start-up or revitalising an established corporation, Amy leaves a lasting impact on everyone she encounters. Her consultancy business is more than just a job—it’s a vessel for creating lasting change, one organisation at a time!