Off the shelf

From resourcing to induction, benefits, and rewards at 5 years of service, this MOT reviews the complete journey of an employee through your organisation and, the top areas where you are winning plus those where engagement or effectiveness can be boosted. For example, you may be seeing unduly high employee turnover in the month after 6 months’ completion of service. What’s behind this? This MOT will provide an in-depth look into the key engagement points for your people, the ultimate aim being to drive motivation and performance, streamline your processes and build proactive checkpoints into your people agenda.

Traditional People support

We offer a comprehensive HR support to businesses that covers the traditional HR functions. This includes creating policies and procedures; managing employee relations, handling recruitment and onboarding; ensuring compliance with employment regulations; providing performance management strategies; conducting training programmes and, optimising compensation and benefits packages. Businesses benefit in many ways. A healthy and vibrant work environment with learning, respect and wellness at its core enhances employee engagement, fosters talent development, and empowers companies to focus on their core objectives and achieve sustainable growth.

Transformational People Support

We specialise in (and love) transformational HR because our support fosters innovative strategies which revolutionise the HR function of the business. We partner with you to help redefine company culture, implement change management initiatives, facilitate organisational restructuring, design employee development programmes... And introduce cutting-edge HR technologies. By focusing on employee empowerment, creativity, and adaptability our work enables businesses to unlock their full potential. This includes attracting top talent, enhancing employee satisfaction, and driving long-term success through a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to human resources.

Restructuring and re-deployment

We offer crucial HR support to businesses during restructuring, redeployment, or consultation phases. And we guide them through (what is often) a complex process, ensuring legal compliance and fair treatment for employees. We can also assist with workforce analysis, talent mapping, and skill assessments to facilitate effective redeployment strategies whilst also minimising potential risks, optimising resources, and maintaining employee morale.


Training and development are in our DNA. We have significant experience designing customised learning initiatives, conducting skills assessments, and providing cutting-edge workshops to nurture employees growth, build morale and help achieve business targets. We offer innovative and tailored training which fosters a culture of continuous learning, allowing businesses to stay competitive, adapt to market changes, and build a talented workforce that drives sustainable success.

Organisational design

By analysing the current structure, we identify inefficiencies and propose tailored organisational models to optimise efficiency and effectiveness. At the next stage, we can assist in defining roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives. This is a great opportunity to level-up your organisational design and achieve streamlined processes, improved communication, and a more agile and adaptable structure. This results in enhanced collaboration, employee satisfaction, and overall business success.

Pinch-points and challenges support

This is a hugely popular service that we provide - offering invaluable HR support to businesses by identifying and addressing challenges within the organisation. We conduct comprehensive assessments to fine-tune HR processes, resolve conflicts, improve communication, and enhance teamwork. We also help businesses optimise their talent management strategies, streamline operations, and provide data-driven solutions to achieve higher efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Because of our expertise, borne of years of experience, we play an important part in empowering businesses to overcome obstacles, foster a positive work environment, and build a resilient workforce that can confidently tackle any issue head-on.