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exhilHRate is a transformational HR consultancy. We empower businesses of all sizes and, from many professional service sectors with innovative solutions for talent management, employee development, and organisational success.

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Harness the power of your people

Employee experience specialist
Improving engagement and motivation throughout the employee experience, pinpointing areas for improvement to reduce employee turnover, enhancing the work environment and culture, boosting morale and productivity levels, building a values-driven and inclusive culture, driving collaboration, aligned focus to objectives with a focus on excellent initiatives.
Transformation expert
Developing strategies to create engagement, developing smoother transitions to change, clarifying business goals, future strategies and setting effective objectives, aligning efforts to enhance a culture of innovation and agility. Developing training curriculums to equip teams with the right tools for the future plans of the business.
Training and delivery partner
Providing expert training in key areas to bridge gaps and build a knowledge rich workforce, with defining learning outcomes and objective alignment, introduce innovative and training methodologies, enhancing development with competitive and leading technology adaptation, implementing tools and ensuring improvement, driving business goals and success check points.
Easy to Use
Developing leadership skills, improving decision-making, motivation and team engagement to enhance communication and consistent leadership through the business. Creating ambitious managers and leaders to inspire, engage and boost productivity, with strategies to effectively resolve conflict, create a brilliant working environment and prepare for future succession- planned roles.
Fast Integration
Defining business goals with strategic alignment individual and team objectives, developing comprehensive talent strategy to attract, onboard, develop and retain the right talent, encourage diversity and promote inclusion through authentic initiatives, design and implement performance management systems to truly reflect employee contribution, productivity and development.
Talent Strategist
Creating development frameworks to bridge gaps and enhance skills and knowledge for future plans, build exciting opportunities for development to boost engagement, productivity and retention, nurture and develop leadership and managers creating a strong leadership pipeline with succession planning, designing career paths, development opportunities, talent mapping and solidifying authentic culture.
Who am I?

Meet Amy Blick

Amy Blick is a Chartered Fellow CIPD professional with expertise in fast paced, high growth environments as an HR Consultant. Legally trained and commercially driven, Amy has built exhilHRate, a boutique transformational consultancy, based in Horsham, West Sussex, however covers far and wide in England.

Why use an outsourced HR consultancy?

Our experience has shown that consultancy can be a compelling choice for businesses compared to in-house HR models. We offer senior leadership expertise in all areas of HR, which means our clients have access to a broad range of skills and knowledge for every scenario or question.

CIPD Fellow Accredited

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What our clients say

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Amy and exhilHRate have been a truly fantastic addition to our business, and have made us become a better company. 

Managing Partner
Jones Chase Employment Law
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Thank you so much, I cannot express what this has done for us. It allowed us the opportunity to re-focus on our identity to keep growing strategically.”

Clinical Director
Global OHS
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The English language itself doesn’t contain enough expression for me to properly describe exactly how highly I would recommend her.

Managing Partner
Eden Utilities

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